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Macadam Paname is the result of many years spent capturing the strangeness of reality in the streets of Paris. In this book, Laurent Delhourme offers a contemporary view of the capital in the vein of 20th century humanist photography. His work concentrates humor, burlesque situations and incongruities. The look, in black and white, is not voyeuristic, it is amused. With Macadam Paname, we walk in a new city in perpetual movement, restored through the photographer's imagination and his ability to capture unique moments.




Availability of the book:

- La nouvelle chambre claire  

3 Rue d'Arras

75005 Paris

- The Luxembourg Museum Bookshop 

19 rue de Vaugirard 

75006 Paris

- La Comète bookshop
29 Rue des Récollets
75010 Paris

You can also order it directly on this site, by sending an email to reserve it.