I am a French photographer born in Bordeaux, I have lived in Paris for over 25 years.

My work is positioned at the crossroads of street photography, documentary and fine art photography.

Observer and chronicler of modern life, my approach is part of the lineage of 20th century humanist photography.

Lovers of the images of Erwitt, Frank, Davidson, Weiss, Franck, Cartier-Bresson, Mark, Ronis, Freed, Evans, Maltête, Winogrand, Meyerowitz …

My universe is inspired by the heritage of all these photographers who knew how to document their time.

Like them, I photograph the daily life of my contemporaries, of these anonymous people whom I meet over time in the working-class districts of Paris, on the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue or among the effervescence of Piccadilly Circus, the emotion always remains intact, animated by this tireless and visceral desire to freeze unique moments.



Paris - France

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Laurent Delhourme

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