The marathon of paris a young girl holds pictures of her dad in her hands to encourage her. black and white photo in the street by laurent delhourme

An overview of several years walking around Parisian streets. Full of humour photographs, burlesque stories and urban poetry.

Laurent has a modern look on our mobile connected world with this serie of images. As an essential part of our lives, our Smartphone is the main character of this bunch of photographs

a group of men at the halles in paris are with their cell phones. they play pokemon. black and white photo made by the humanist photographer laurent delhourme
in front of the department stores in paris a young girl walks with headphones in the shape of cat ears. black and white photo by laurent delhourme
New york subway an old lady sits and reads her newspaper, humanist monochrome photography by laurent delhourme

Exhibitions: Arles / London / Paris

photography exhibition by laurent delhourme at the grand palais in paris in 2019. street photographs in black and white. presented in black photo frames. Fine art

- October 2020, two honorable mentions in the photo competition: International Photography Awards IPA (New-york)


- October 2020 exhibition at Galerie des Photographes (Paris) - Book launch Macadam Paname

- November 2019, display of the one-year carte blanche, ordered by the RMN. It was exhibited during the International Fair of Art    Photography in Paris. (Grand Palais)


- November 2019, Macadam Paname photograph's exhibition - International Fair Paris Photo. (Grand Palais)


- July 2019, Macadam Paname photograph's exhibition - "Rencontres Photographiques" in Arles

- 2018 year, one-year residence at Grand Palais (Paris) for a carte blanche ordered by the RMN (Meeting of National Museums)


- January 2018, group exhibition. competition finalist SPI -  London art Bermondsey Project Space gallery

Laurent Delhourme

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