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 © Laurent Delhourme

Exhibitions: Arles / London / Paris

photography exhibition by laurent delhourme at the grand palais in paris in 2019. street photographs in black and white. presented in black photo frames. Fine art

- May 2022: Exhibition Street Sans Frontieres at the Galerie Joseph (Paris)


- October 2021: Awarded in the category Professional Photographer Event / Social Cause - at the photo contest: International  Photography Awards IPA / Lucie Foundation (New York)


- July 2021: Exhibition at the Voies Off des Rencontres Photographiques in Arles (France) - Represented by Hemeria Editions 


- October 2020: Two honorable mentions in the photo competition: International Photography Awards IPA (New York)


- October 2020: Exhibition at La Galerie des Photographes (Paris) - Launch of the book Macadam Paname (Press review)

- November 2019: Presentation of the photographic carte blanche, commissioned by the RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux).

  It was exhibited at the International Art Photography Fair in Paris (Grand Palais) - France


- November 2019: Exhibition of the Macadam Paname series - Foire Internationale Paris Photo (Grand Palais) - France


- July 2019: Macadam Paname photograph's exhibition - "Rencontres Photographiques" in Arles - France

- 2018 : One-year residence at Grand Palais (Paris) for a carte blanche ordered by the RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux)


- January 2018: Group exhibition. competition finalist SPI -  London art Bermondsey Project Space gallery

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