In 2018, the RMN Grand Palais gave me a one-year carte blanche in this great building.

The purpose of this residence was to capture the character of the place, its occupants and its visitors.

Event after event, I travel between the emotions that each one generates under the 13,500 m2 of the large Nave.

Beyond this adventure, I realize that behind the perfection of the installations, each end of the exhibition creates a particular activity.

The FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair) which takes place every year in October, triggers my curiosity.

Beautiful, prestigious, it hosts the works of art of the greatest artists past, present and perhaps future.

The more I walk through its beautiful alleys and its stands surveyed by collectors and dreamers, the more I want to understand what is happening once the door is closed to the public.

What happens to the premises after the last stroke of midnight? What is behind the scenes?


I decide to follow in the footsteps of this storage frenzy, these works on departure, to other rooms, other galleries, other countries.

Far from my initial specifications based on black and white and humans, I decided to photograph in color and without characters. The challenge was all the more complicated to do still lifes in the midst of this incessant effervescence.

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