marathon de paris - photo humaniste - laurent delhourme -

In this series, Laurent takes a look at our modern world invaded by mobile phones.

Become an essential element of our life, his photographs highlight our addiction to our smartphones.

Rue de Paris, jeune femme écoute de la musique, street photography noir et blanc
Métro de new york une femme lit son journal, photographie monochrome humaniste

Exhibitions: Arles / London / Paris


- November 2019 presentation of the photographic carte blanche, commissioned by the RMN

  It was exhibited at the Paris International Art Photography Fair (Grand Palais)


- November 2019 exhibition of the Macadam Paname series - Paris Photo International Fair (Grand Palais)


- July 2019 exhibition of the Macadam Paname series - Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles

- 2018 one-year residency at the Grand Palais, for a carte blanche commissioned by the RMN


- January 2018 collective exhibition. SPI - Galerie Art Bermondsey Project Space in London

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